Do you find that your life revolves around going along and following the path of least resistance? Are you basically playing a game of follow-the-leader? Do you stay silent and conform in order to avoid standing out?

You really don’t have to follow the same road everyone else is traveling.

It’s natural to want to be accepted and fit in. But there are times when we have to remind ourselves that the goal, as Matthew Kelly puts it, is to become the best version of ourselves.

There are several very simple explanations for why others may say you’re on the wrong path. As an example, there have almost certainly been times when you questioned whether you were heading in the right direction. It would have been comforting to know that you were traveling in a group of like-minded souls.

Well, other people feel the same insecurity. If they can convince you to travel the road they have chosen, then—in their eyes—your decision confirms that they’re right. Their concern seems less justified because, after all, they now have company.

But there’s another, even more basic reason. When you’re following your own star, your situation is so personal it’s almost impossible for others to grasp where you’re coming from, exactly where you stand, why you need to be there, or where you might be headed. People don’t or can’t understand and, sadly, what they don’t understand they tend to fear rather than accept.

You may find yourself labeled as “other.” It may seem easier to join the crowd and relieve the pressure to conform. You’ll need strength and courage.

“If you’re special, then that explains why you’re different. You don’t need to measure your value using the standards of others. Nobody ever said it would be easy! If you’re lucky enough to be different, never change.” ~Taylor Swift

This post was taken from “Inspirational Quotes about Life.”

The title quote is by Alicia Keys.