You’ve heard this before, but it’s worth repeating: sometimes you have to find the good in goodbye.

Move on. Today, it may only be an inch. Maybe you can only crawl, or just stumble. That’s all right. Other days you will walk confidently and take bold strides. A new direction will evolve as you move. Whatever you do, go forward. Have faith in what will be.

Forgive and thereby release yourself. Respect the past for what it has taught you, and now make room for better things. The passing of time can change our perspective on any situation—a relationship, a job, a chance encounter—and a year from now you might find yourself thinking, “Well, that door is closed now. I think I’ll get a hammer and nails to make sure it stays shut.”

Some chapters are difficult and sad. But many are happy and exciting. If you never turn the page, you will never know what the next chapter holds. Don’t put down the book just because you didn’t like the chapter. There’s so much more!!

Or, if a chapter looks like too much to read, think of life as a paragraph. One phrase or sentence follows the next as the story evolves, and the plot twists and changes. Let the story unfold.

This post was taken from “Inspirational Quotes about Life.”

The picture quote is by Zayn Malik.